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Creativity and uniqueness combine here to develop the budding kids' knowledge on Tamil literature Thirukkural. Though Thirukkural is tough to keep it in mind it is very much useful for life. The show is produced by Gusto Studios, telecasted in Chutti TV, hosted by Prof. Gnanasambanthan beginning on 29.04.2019, Monday. The storytelling show is a new innovation that brings a cartoon character interaction with a Tamil expert. This program will not be a boring or regular one.

The program includes moral teaching along with storytelling. The entire is a lack of knowledge that overflows with jokes in the local language. The entire show is for six minutes. The six minutes is utilized properly to deliver some useful, non-boring program. The host for this show is the famous Tamil speaker and prof. Gnanasambanthan recites a thirukkural and brief its meaning with story and answers for the questions asked by bommi and her friends which are the cartoon character acting with it. Professor shares his impeccable knowledge on thirukkural to the growing kids molding them in a right way from day one.

Mr. Gnanasambanthan views this program as a root to improve the standard of kids, teach them positive approach, enlighten them the cultural values, develop their concentration, cultivate them with the well-structured theme to learn on daily basis. This kind of program encourages both the kids and the host to learn more and more in a multi-varied subject.

This program is the most wonder-striking idea to teach and learn thirukkural for kids.

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