About Us


Bommi & Friends Series is a great educational resource for help to parents in the teaching of concepts and values to children at the same time that they will enjoy with funny videos with edutainment. Spark the imagination and stimulate the senses of children, foster relationships, the acquisition of human values and selves-confidence through the smiles with Bommi & Friends videos.

Bommi & Friends is starring, Bommi , a sweet five year old girl filled with curiosity to learn more about life. Bommi has been brought up to be practical, obedient and unfailingly polite and her group of friends, among which is the Maya the Crow, Yip the Dog, Taco the Monkey and Boris the clever Elephant among other characters. LIbro her favourite book friend where she finds all her friends. In Bommi & Friends you will know the spontaneity and desire to learn new things what Bommi & Friends has. Bommi & Friends, explores, learns and discover in funny videos a world created for them, the Dazzle Word World.